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Both simple and sophisticated, IFS is best taught through a combination of didactic and experiential approaches. 

Each of the four sessions will address an important concept within the model.

  • Session One: Introduction to the Inner Parts of a Person

    Dr. Richard Schwartz used the term "parts" to describe internal subpersonalities because that is how his clients talked about their own inner experience. Learn what Parts are, the roles they may take on, and some of the systemic dynamics that may develop in burdened and traumatized systems. Experiment with finding some of your own parts through meditations and activities.

  • Session Two:

    Getting to Know Protectors

    Unlike approaches that may try to eradicate "negative" behaviors or rush to heal the most vulnerable wounds a person has, IFS recognizes that all parts have positive intentions and that some parts carry responsibility for protecting other more vulnerable parts. Learn how IFS offers a way to safely and respectfully work with protectors, and witness or practice this process.

  • Session Three:

    Getting to Know Exiles and How They Heal


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!